At Chase Bridge our vision is for all children to excel at learning, be able to express their talents and know how to care for others. 

The school aims to achieve this by providing consistently good teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes a culture of mutual respect amongst our community.  We aim to provide a learning environment where children are safe and feel confident and at the same time are challenged to explore and understand the world around them.

The staff are the most important resource at Chase Bridge to help us achieve our vision for the children.

Andrew King | Headteacher

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Mr King - Headteacher Mr Ostro - Deputy Headteacher 
Mrs Gauvain - Assistant Headteacher Miss Klever - Assistant Headteacher
Ms Chadwick - Assistant Headteacher

Year 6

Mrs Briggs - Year 6 Team Leader  Ms Chadwick - Year 6 Teacher (AHT)
Miss Noble - Year 6 Teacher Mr Mantle - Year 6 Teacher

Year 5

Miss Brown - Year 5 Team Leader

Mrs Dight - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Walker - Year 5 Teacher Miss Noble - Year 5 Teacher

Year 4

Mrs Demetriou - Year 4 Team Leader Mrs Major - Year 4 Teacher
Miss McCormack - Year 4 Teacher  Mrs O'Hara - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Newbigin - Year 4 Teacher

Year 3

Mrs Jackman - Year 3 Team Leader  Mrs Newbigin - Year 3 Teacher 
Miss Harland - Year 3 Teacher Mr Ballantine - Year 3 Teacher 

Year 2

Ms Klever  - Year 2 Team Leader (AHT) Mr Bruce - Year 2 Teacher
 Mrs Page - Year 2 TeacherMs Fussey - Year 2 Teacher

Year 1

Mrs O'Connor - Year 1 Team Leader Ms Mustafa - Year 1 Teacher  
Miss Saunders - Year 1 Teacher Mr Bruce - Year 1 Teacher

Reception and Nursery

Mrs Taylor -  Reception Teacher Mrs Jones - Reception Teacher 

Mrs Edgoose - Reception/Nursery Teacher (EYFS Team Leader)

Miss Scholes - Reception Teacher
Mrs Patten - Nursery Teacher 

MFL and Music

Mrs O'Hara - Music Teacher  Ms Stampone - Italian Languages Teacher


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Jackson (Senior TA) Mrs Lindley (Senior TA) Mrs Golding (Senior TA/Librarian) 
Mrs Tripi   Miss Fox Mrs Sheldrake
Mrs Eari Mrs Pettit  Mrs Meta
Mrs Littlejohn Miss Apcar Miss Beddoe
Mrs Yousaf Mrs Astbury  Mrs MacDouall
Mrs Newson Miss Dhillon Mr Mpofu
Mrs Forde Miss Garside Mrs West
Miss Rush Mrs Moore Miss Ryder
Mrs Grew


Mrs Gauvain - SENCO Mrs Wood  - Family Support Worker

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Constantinedes  Mrs Wright  Mrs Welch
Mrs Gregory  Mrs Au


Administration and Premises

Mrs Fleming - School Business Manager

Mrs Crawley - Finance Manager
Mrs Hayward - Administrative Assistant Mrs Stow - Administrative Assistant
Mr Murray - Site ManagerMr Parkes - Assistant Site Manager

Miss Gray - Welfare Assistant

Mrs Kan - IT Administrator/School Project Manager


Mrs Mesourouni Mrs Ferrari  Mrs Haughney  Mrs Meta  Mr WebbMrs Roberts Mrs Ives 

Brentford Community Sports Trust Coaches

Craig Brown Ahmed Mettioui Dale Bond
Jerome Okimo Nuno Carvalho Peter Prickett