Visions and Priorities

At Chase Bridge we set high standards of work and behaviour. We expect all members of the school community – children, staff, parents and governors – to work together to maintain these standards and for children to work purposefully towards achieving their best at all times.

There is a clear vision and set of aims that underpin everything we do: this is for all children to excel at learning, be able to express their talents and know how to care for others.

Our school vision is reproduced below:

  • We are an inclusive school where we all come to learn. We want our children to reach the highest standards, be healthy, happy, develop a love of learning and the skills of independence to make informed choices that prepare them to be successful members in society. We celebrate individual and group effort and take pride in our successes.
  • The school achieves its goals by providing consistently good teaching of a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes a culture of mutual respect amongst our community. We aim to provide a learning environment where children are safe and feel confident and at the same time are challenged to explore and understand the world around them.
  • We continually seek opportunities to improve the children’s education by reviewing our practice and agreeing priorities for improvement.





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