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A very warm welcome to our page. We have five classes including Nursery AM, Nursery PM, Maple, Cherry and Fir. All five classes often work together as a unit, and our reception classes have doors open between classes as well as a shared outdoor play area.

In Nursery and Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. We use "Tapestry", an online learning journal, to record the children's daily learning journey which is then shared regularly with parents and carers.

We do not set homework in EYFS, although we encourage our parents to read with their children on a daily basis for 10 minutes, practise their ‘Tricky Robots’ phonics, work towards being a ‘Handwriting Hero”, and to have fun learning on ‘Busy Things’ which is available in your child’s London Grid for Learning online account.

By working together, we aim to make this the best possible start to a love of life-long learning. It is a privilege to be sharing your child’s first stepping stone into education.

We hope you will find all the information you need about nursery and reception life here at Chase Bridge. However, if you do have any questions, please speak to the class teachers at drop off or home time, or send us an email at

Our EYFS team leader is Mrs Edgoose who is also class teacher to Maple Class.



Our Nursery Team consists of Mrs West, Mrs Meta, Mrs Newson and Miss Rush and is led by Mrs Patten - caring, enthusiastic early years practitioners who have the knowledge and expertise for working with children under five.

What will the children be learning this half-term?

The children were all really engaged during our 'Helpful Hero' topic. They enjoyed visits from a coach, dentist and a nurse helping consolidate their learning about the different jobs people have and why these jobs are important - who helps us in our community?  Our trip to Little Street was a great success and thoroughly enjoyed. 

This half term, the focus is on ourselves and our world. We have kick started this unit by looking back at our baby photos and discussing how much more independent we are now in comparison and are excited to have Mrs Taylor and her new baby come back to visit us. It will be very exciting when the chick eggs arrive and we watch them hatch and grow as well as discuss how to help look after them and all living things.​

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We have created a video of our Nursery routine songs on the school YouTube channel:

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Our Reception Teachers are Mrs Edgoose (Maple Class), Miss Scholes (Cherry Class) and Ms Mustafa (Fir Class). They are ably assisted by our teaching assistants: Mrs Golding, Mrs Moore, Mrs Newson, Mrs Astbury, Miss Ryder and Miss Apcar.

What will the children be learning this half-term?

We will continue to follow the children’s interest in ‘Traditional Tales’ and read stories including Jack and the Beanstalk and The Little Red Hen. We will also develop the children’s understanding of how to take care of baby animals and watch chicks hatch from eggs. Additionally, we will explore the changes that are happening in our garden and learn what plants need to grow.

​By the end of this topic the children will understand how to care for living things, sequence animal and plant lifecycles and name the things plants need to grow. They will also take part in practical activities, including growing and baking, linked to our key texts.

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We have created several videos of our EYFS routine songs on the school YouTube channel:

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