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Welcome to the Friends of Chase Bridge (FOCB) page!

The Friends is a charity that brings together parents, staff, pupils and the local community. As parents of children at the school or staff members, you are automatically a part of the Friends and we look forward to welcoming you to the school and seeing you at our events!


Our Mission

To support the school and the local community through targeted activities that enrich the lives of the children, their families and our community as a whole.


What we do

Bringing the community together: The Friends’, as we like to be known, aim to enhance the experience families have during their time at our school. We seek to bring the wider school community together through engaging, entertaining, informing and fundraising.

Fundraising: We raise valuable funds for Chase Bridge that the school use to support key projects and buy additional resources. Recent projects include the wonderful Edible Playground at the front of the school and Lions (before and after school wrap around care) expansion.

Communication: The Friends also acts as a valuable link in communications between parents and the school staff. Each class has their own representative that helps to provide links between parents and the teacher. Class reps meet termly with the teachers and once a year with the headteacher to discuss the latest news.


So how does it work?

The Friends are a group of parents and carers who have volunteered to get involved to help raise money for the school and bring the school community together. Some people are heavily involved, others less so. Most of all, it is a group of people who want to make a difference to the school and the children’s experience.

Throughout the year, we run a series of fun events that help to strengthen the relationships for all parents, carers, staff and children: film nights, quizzes, discos, Summer and Christmas Fairs etc. And throughout the year we work with the school to identify things we can invest in, (laptops, books, playground equipment, minibuses etc.) ensuring that every penny we raise goes to funding more great stuff that fulfils our ambition – to enrich the lives of the children.


Can I get involved?


We want to make our PTA as inclusive and collaborative as it can be, enhancing all of our shared experience of school. We welcome everyone to come to a Friends meeting, to take on a specific role, become a Class Rep or help at events. If you would like to join the Committee, or find out more about it, please email Jo at

However, we know that this is not for everyone and we recognise that many of us simply do not have the time. Here are some simple ways we welcome your involvement, which will still make a big difference:

  • Responding to your class reps requests
  • Coming along and support our organised events
  • Signing up to the weekly Get Lucky Local Lottery, where 40p from your £1 weekly ticket will come to FoCB, and more will go to other good causes in the Richmond Borough. The Lottery takes place every weekend throughout the year and for just £1 per week, you could be in with a chance to win the top prize of £25,000!


You don’t need to commit to anything ongoing, but any little help that you might be able to offer is always hugely appreciated. We really hope we can create ways for you to be involved!

If you'd like to find out more about what the Friends are doing currently then take a look at our Facebook page by clicking here, or drop us an email at




Fundraising target 2021/22

Last year we were finally able to return, post-COVID, to a full programme of events, and what an amazing year we had. We are so grateful to the entire school community for their support. So how much did we raise?


So far we have paid for:

  • £150 – Kitchen Equipment
  • £1,200 – Class budgets
  • £150 – Gardening equipment and plants
  • £625 – Playground markings
  • £275 – School Orchestra
  • £300 – External festoon lights
  • £4400 – Class book budgets
  • £90 – Ice lollies for every pupil for Sports Day


Fundraising Target 2022/23

This year we are hoping to help fund two major projects, an improved outdoor playing and learning area to be located in the back playground, and a much needed therapy space. Although this means an ambitious target of around £22,000, last year shows what we can achieve when we all work together.

So, let’s roll our sleeves up and raise as much money as we can in order to support our wonderful school and children.


The committee

The Friends of Chase Bridge are parents of children at the school who give up some of their time and effort to run events and activities that benefit our children, build a school community, and raise money for the school.

Chair - Jo Humphreys

The Chair provides leadership for the committee ensuring all FoCB business is properly debated and agreements reached. The Chair also works closely with the Secretary and Treasurer to ensure that the association is run effectively. The Chair works closely with the school.

Event Managers - Jenny Jenner and Assistant Events Manager – Tiffany Patel

Supporting individual event teams - the Events Manager will work with the FoCB Committee, school and wider community to assist in the successful delivery of both fund raising events and events which will enrich the experience of the children.

Treasurer - Tori Chilcott

The Treasurer manages the bank account and produces all financial papers. They retain the cheque book and arrange for all payments to be authorised as per the FoCB policy.

Class Rep Co-ordinator - Maria Bedwell

The Class Reps Co-ordinator must be approachable, a good listener, organised, assertive, fair and a good communicator who is willing to put forward the views of the people they represent.

Marketing and Communications - Vishna Shah and Communications and Social Media Assistant – Katie Lyall

A good understanding of marketing and communication activities which will allow this postholder to support all Friends' activities.

General Committee Members: Tori Holcomb, Natalie Brown, Lydia Smithers, Yvonne Choat, Louise Oakley and Susie Higgs.


AGM Minutes

Please click on the links below to access the AGM minutes.




Class Reps - 2022 to 2023

Nursery Ivana Charvatova and Katherine Totton
Cherry Tiffany Patel and Safiya Hayat
Fir Vanessa Woodroffe, Claire Harvey
Maple Tori Holcomb and Katie Lyall
Year 1  
Oak Lauren Roberts and Aleksandra Kwiatkowska
Willow Claire Tomkins
Apple Jasmin Athwal
Year 2  
Birch Vanessa Karadimos, Vanesha Woodroffe and Hyun Marshall
Chestnut Navdeep Sidhu, Sarah Thomson and Angelika Pereira
Acacia Jenny Jenner and Angie Neoh
Year 3  
3R Jessica Speirs and Adele Young
3S Maria Bedwell and Lydia Roberts
3B Tori Holcomb and Charlotte Byron
Year 4  
4M Hyun Marshall and Natalie Haughney
4F Jasmin Athwal and Emma Parry
4K Tiffany Patel and Angie Neoh 
Year 5  
5B Claire Harvey
5K Jane McPherson
5L Jo Oliffee and Jenny Budgen
Year 6  
6D Leo Browning
6P Sarah Thomson and Lara Michael
6C Vacancy





Get In Touch

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Headteacher: Mr Bishop
School Business Manager: Mrs Kan