A Liberal Democrat since 2003, Munira feels strongly about the policies and qualities her party instils. She also has a team of 5 staff that deals with debates, communication and assists her in the office.  She says, “ I wouldn't be an MP without them.” Munira hasn't had a usual journey as MP as she was only elected in 2019 and was scheduled to visit schools as of March last year (which didn't happen due to Covid-19.) Her most exciting moment as MP was when she stepped foot in the chamber. As lock down eases she says she has only experienced 2-3 months of normality in her role as MP. Her typical work week pans out like this: to start the week she's in our constituency, and she then goes out of constituency to either work or campaign.


As she doesn't get much spare time, she spends her free time doing cooking, running and playing with her children (one is 2 and the other is 6). Ever since she was a child, Munira wanted to become a teacher but as she grew up she was more into politics. In university, a thought crossed her mind and she visioned herself as a politician. She stated, ' It would be really cool to be an MP.'  Munira took an A-level in politics during her late teens. Her friend suggested that instead of shouting at the TV, she should get involved . . . and that's when her career took flight. 

Munira admires Barack Obama , who was the first ever black president of the USA, and the hope and change he offered. She commented that she wants a 50/50 split of female and male MPs. Someone from the U.K. she looks up to is Shirley Williams - who she claims was a really inspirational woman.


We asked what she thought made good primary school qualities and she replied, "Students well-being is key to a good school, but I also think academic success is vital!'


What do you think is most important in a school and why?


By Joseph and Alice 6C


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Well done for such a fantastic report! This was both interesting and inspiring to read!


year six i think you did wonder full



very intresting I think learning

Jack 3M

The children because there would me nobody to teach.



Amazing I have leant very much. Well done.

Holly 3M

Good writing.I think the most important thing is the teachers



the school and learning.

hibah 3m

What do you think is  most important in a school and why? I think the children because they help the school make profit.

Ishaan 3M

I think that our education and being kind is two of the most important things

Finley 3M

I think that being nice is the most important.


Raveena 3M

Chase Bridge because its a very good school with good assemblies,lessons and staff

Abbie 3m

Science because you can learn diffrent things and difrent experamonts.

lachlan 3m

I think the head teacher becauuse who's going to ceap care f the school.


usman 3M

Great Job Alice abd Joesph I think the school is important beacause children can learn at school and make friends.

Theo 3M

Headmaster because we would not be here if he wasn't here.


Ronnie 3m

Teachers because they help us lean.

Alice 3M

Great writing i think the the teachers and children are the most important thing in a school because the teachers teach the children and the children can learn and the children because if there were no children we would not be here.

Mahlie 3M

People and children

Isabella 3M

Teachers because they help us learn everything we've leant!

Josh 3M

The most important thing in school is learning because if you dont learn you wont be able to know anything also teacher help you learn untill you go to high school.and well done 6C!!

maya 3M

The children because they are the people you play whith lovey work

Isla 3M

Great work Joseph and Alice I think school is important because children can learn and make freinds

Rhea 3M

The most important thing is learning and having fun  and if don't learn and you are in uinevartisee and there is a test you wil never know anything so thats why you shoud learn

yashmit 3M

I think the most important in a school are children because if the school didn't have children the school won't have a job.Great work!!

ouby 3M

amazing jobheartcheekysmileycool

autumn 3M

maths because every thing in cloods maths

alaya 3m

What an amazing visitor. An MP for Libdem




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