Last week, Year 6 embarked on a residential trip to a campsite called Thames Young Mariners. Once we arrived, we put down our luggage and tucked in to our pre-made lunches - our last taste of home for the next few days!


After we had finished, we found out our activity groups and started our activities. These included: building a raft using barrels, ropes and wooden planks; paddle boarding on the calm lake; playing water polo whilst kayaking trying not to capsize; learning how to read a map and find certain points (orienteering), and learning to make a fire safely (we even got to test it by cooking popcorn!). If you were brave enough, you could even challenge yourself to do the ‘Dock Jump’. It was great fun! We even got to meet "Terry the Terrapin" (the site's wild animal!).


After a long day of activities, we couldn't wait to eat. When we asked Anika her opinion on meal time, she stated,"My favourite meal of the day was breakfast because it was a full English and it was filling."

Then when we asked Zofia about dinner she said ,"I enjoyed dinner as the chicken wrap was very nice."


After a sing-song around the campfire and marshmallow roasting, we were ready to tuck into bed in our tepee tents. We got to share a tent with our friends . . .  so many of us got no sleep the first night!


One of our best memories was paddle boarding.  Evie from 6C says,"I loved paddle boarding as it was so much fun jumping in and I loved going on the big board with my whole activity group!" Another memorable moment was sharing a tent with friends.


What would your favourite moment be?


By Lauren & Joseph 6C


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Wow i'm in year six and Thames Young Marriners was Really Fun and this post is a good summerization of the whole school trip. smileyyeslaugh


im in year six and TYM is great there food is great but the chicken not so goodcoolyes



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